Difference between WinRT and Windows RT - Confused?

Though both these seems similar and confusing, but actually they aren't.

WinRT or Windows Runtime

As I posted earlier, it is a new set of API's built on Windows8 kernel to develop Metro style applications.

Windows RT (originally also known as Windows on ARM) 

WinRT, not yet another abstraction over Win32!

Not just an abstraction over Win32 API.

Move grid rows up and down using Javascript

Since my initial programming days, I remember moving rows up and down in a grid required a tedious javascript to be written. And one has to be a rocket scientist to write that. In one of my latest project, I required to maintain the sequence of the item to be displayed in the grid.

TableDnD is a nice compact jquery based plugin, which can do the magic for you.


How Sql Joins Works

To make this article, I have taken Table A and Table B as reference tables for explaining.

id          name                       RowState
----------- ------------------------------ --------
1           A1                             1
2           A2                             1
3           A3                             0
4           A4                             0
5           A5                             1
(5 row(s) affected)
id          name                           RowState aid

Path Combine: Leading Slash in relative path

System.IO.Path.Combine is one of the scarcely used method provided by .Net Framework. It is used to combine two strings in to a complete path. Path.Combine is also essential for cross-platform coding as it uses whatever path separator the current OS uses.


Error : Unable to connect to the remote server

I got "Unable to connect to the remote server error" when I tried to call a webservice that is hosted on some remote machine outside my firewall. I am using a proxy server, and figured it that my application is not aware of the proxy server. So I did some googling and add the following defaultproxy settings under System.net tag in applications web.config file.

Jquery Form Validation

Gone are the days when client side Form Validation was used to be a hectic task for most of us. Lately I stumbled upon a Jquery Validation Plugin, which can validate a form in much more cleaner and simple way. Here I try to give you a gist of the functionality provided by the plugin.

Let us take an example.

Difference between Delete and Truncate

Removing records from a table is a crucial operation. So I would like to pen down my knowledge about removing records from a table. There are two ways to do the same, Truncate and Delete.

I would like to explain the basic difference between two.

1. Delete is a DML whereas truncate is a DDL. Truncate deallocates the data pages for the table and does'nt delete them row by row. So if there is an Identity column in the table it would be reset to initial seed after truncate.

Row Number function in SQL Server

I used to create temporary tables and subqueries to add a row number to every row in the result set. But somedays ago, I came across to the Row_Number() function provided in Sql Server, which simply constructs the row number column on the fly as part of the query. But a question might have arosed in your mind, What is the use of adding a Row_Number, when we have serial number associated with every row. There are several situation, where we need to query against the row number.(we can't query against a serial number)

So you think, Linux is Free

linux-logo.jpgWe have been using Linux for more then 18 years, without paying a single penny, Thanks to Open Source. There are more than 137000 registered machines, which are using Linux as their Operating System. Linux is the work of thousand of developers working as a Community. But have you ever wondered, what would be the development cost of Linux.

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